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We empower manufacturers in the office furniture and contract market to expand their sales by digitizing their products to OFML items and positioning them on digital product platforms with the largest future growth potential.

OFML® data

All the steps needed to set up and maintain your own OFML catalogue

  • Conversion and preparation of graphical data for OFML workspaces
  • OMATZ - Tileable pCon surface/ finish materials
  • OCD – OFML Commercial Data
  • ODB – OFML Graphics Database (Graphic product database in dwg)
  • META - article polymorphism, child articles (add accessories like modesty panels to a desk or interchange items)
  • OAP - OFML Aided Planning (web interaction for pCon products)
  • pCon.update - data packages ready for the upload to the pCon network

For more details about the structure and the meaning of the OFML® file format, please visit the IBA website (German association of office furniture manufacturers)

3D CAD/ BIM/ AR/ Web

3D models of your furnishings and fittings based on drawings and photos

  • 3D CAD formats
  • dwg, dxf, sldprt, step, iges, sat

  • 3D BIM formats
  • rfa, gsm, ifc, skp

  • 3D design formats
  • 3ds, max, skp, 3dm

  • 3D AR / web formats
  • glTF, obj, fbx, usdz, glb

Not sure which format you really need? Your specific format is missing? We are here to help - contact us!


Training courses for the software pCon.planner 

  • Basic Training - Commands and actions
    • User Interface and Navigation
    • Wall and room elements - basic
    • Room elements - advanced
  • Advanced Training - Design projects
    • OFML material edition
    • 2D and 3D objects
    • OFML product catalog
    • Custom-made OFML items
    • Layers and zones
    • Tipps and tricks to speed up work
  • Project Presentation - Sell your project
    • Lighting and Rendering
    • Render styles
    • Impress and Multi Content Pictures
    • Videos and Animations
    • Layout Area
Our Team creates OFML files for pCon.planner, pCon.box and pCon.facts

We are

Our Mission

Any manufacturer of building fixtures and fittings (e.g. furniture, lightning, sanitary) should be empowered to

  • Use the latest technologies to boost sales and promote his products and services
  • Participate in advanced international projects and
  • Expand his customer base using the best graphics marketing tools.

Our Team

We are a small team of young and motivated people specializing in graphical data. As we focus on creation of OFML catalogues, we have solid experience in OFML projects, data creation services and 3D modelling software. We can offer our services at much better conditions than our competitors all thanks to our lean structures, as well as our optimized and agile working process.

Our CEO with a extensive experience in 3D modeling and configuration

Hi, I am Dominik

Thank you for visiting our website! I founded processineering in Germany in late 2016 after establishing and heading EasternGraphics Russia (2012 – 2015). For my clients, I do guarantee top-quality service and OFML files, as well as the best price available on the market. I would be very pleased to discuss your next OFML project with you. So please contact me!

Design is a way of life, a point of view. It involves the whole complex of visual communications: talent, creative ability, manual skill, and technical knowledge. Aesthetics and economics, technology and psychology are intrinsically related to the process. 

Paul Rand

How We Work

How we work?

Here is an overview of how we handle each new OFML project.

Data Analysis

  • Initial customer interview
  • Analyse existing data and price list structure
  • Optional: Connect ERP or PIM to data creation tools
  • Gather available information, such as prices, articles, descriptions, CAD data, finishes, variations and logics
  • Build a prototype (PoC)
  • Agree project schedule, milestones and final price

Data Creation

  • Build OFML data
  • Provide weekly data updates for testing purposes
  • Gather and integrate regular client feedback on the current state
  • Test phase with your employees and/or pilot clients
  • Optional: Software training for your partners and employees

Data Distribution

  • Advise on distribution strategy
  • Deploy your data to the pCon.update platform
  • Support you and your clients during the launch phase
  • After sales support

Build a web shop and 3D online configurator with OFML
Explanation of the components of OFML

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about OFML and the process of creating it.

Office Furniture Modelling Language (OFML) is the standardised Data Description Format of the Office Furniture Industry. It was initiated by the German Association of Office Furniture Manufacturers (IBA, formerly BSO) as an open data standard that has helped furniture producers since 1998 to digitise their products and build configurable 3D items in an electronic price list. The main idea was to merge the commercial and graphical product data into one file format where both components change simultaneously when choosing another product option or when changing a feature or material.

With OFML you build a configurable Digital Product Catalogue containing all your products with all existing options for 3D space planning, visualising, proposing, marketing and selling your products using pCon® tools. OFML helps the manufacturer to provide dealers, distributors and architects with a powerful sales and space planning tool where their digital 3D price list is integrated. This eases the communication and make sales scalable.

  • Pricelist (in pdf or Excel format) to create the commercial data (OCD)
  • 3D CAD (preferably in dwg format) to create the graphic data (ODB)
  • Pictures of metals, finishes and fabrics to create the material data

Yes, indeed! But there are some circumstances that could affect your decision whether to outsource this task to an external OFML data provider or perform it in-house.

a) Availability of technical staff

When you have skilled employees, who deal with your ERP/PIM system and the CAD data on a daily basis, the in-house creation of OFML data might be of great interest to you! You could also consider hiring a new employee for the position of an OFML data creator. Sure enough, while creating OFML is not rocket science, you will nonetheless require training. Another idea is to recruit someone who has already dealt with such tasks in another company and who could start right away.

b) Degree of regularity

The main question here is how often you intend to introduce new products to the market and hence update your pCon® data. When you do product updates, let's say once or twice a year maybe, it is not the best idea to have an OFML specialist on the payroll the whole year. Another issue might be that your data creator - when not dealing with OFML data full-time - forgets important details and parts of the methods and the quality of your data will suffer.

c) Software tools for OFML creation

There are only two options for generating OFML items. The first is, as we do it, by using unitel's OFML data creation tools "PDC 2" for basic OFML data and "MDC" for metadata. The second option is the OFML creation software "pCon.creator" by EasternGraphics. We advise you to take a close look at both options before choosing the right software for your company. We can help you with presenting unitel's OFML tools. Of course, in both instances, you need to buy software licenses and train your staff.

d) Control over data and speed of the process

When outsourcing the creation of OFML data there might be times when your data vendor could not react to your request immediately. Imagine a big trade fair is coming up and a lot of furniture companies want to digitise their latest products to OFML data at the same time. Our customers appreciate our short response time, but still an update or error correction may take more than a day to complete. If you are not willing to deal with such situations and want to have full control over the process, you should think about establishing your own resources for setting up OFML models.

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